In the 1960's, Ric O'Barry was employed by the Miami Sea aquarium where he captured and trained dolphins including five of them that played the role of Flipper in the American TV - series. Kathy played Flipper most of the time (O'Barrys favourite dolphin).

One day Ric received an urgent call that Kathy wasnt well and to make his way to the aquarium asap. When Ric arrived, he climbed into the tank and held Kathy in his arms. "She died in my arms at the Miami Sea aquarium says O'Barry. he then realised that capturing and training dolphins to perform silly tricks was simply wrong. From that moment on, Ric knew what he had to do for the rest of his life. On the first Earth day back in 1970, Ric launched a searing campaign against the muliti-billion dolphin captivity industry and hasnt stopped since. Ric O'Barry worked 10yrs for the captivity industry and has spent the past 40yrs working against it, fighting for their freedom!

Over the years , Ric O'Barry has rescued and rehabilitated dolphins in many countries around the world and is now a leading voice to end the brutal slaughter of thousands of dolphins and whales in Japan, the Faroe Islands and the Solomon Islands.



Ric O' Barry states:

"They're in it for money. Take it away, and they'll quit doing this,"

"Dolphins are free ranging intelligent, and complex wild animals, and they belong in the oceans and not playing the clown in our human schemes"


"Behind the Dolphin Smile," was published in 1989. His second book "To Free A Dolphin," was published in Sept 2000. Both the books are all about his work and dedication!

Ric is the star of the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove and the Animal Planet television series Blood Dolphin$. In January 2006, Ric O’Barry became Marine Mammal Specialist for Earth Island Institute, where he is also the Director of Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project and Save Japan Dolphins Campaign.


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