Common Dolphins is a pelagic or deep water species and therefore prefers the deeper waters off Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. It has also been known to be seen in Jersey waters, where the bottlenose dolphin is more abundant -ht latter species favouring the shallower waters.



Common dolphins are found in nearly all the worlds sea, in temperate waters between 10 and 12 degrees centigrade. They live in groups ranging from small family groups of typically Colour patterns on the common dolphin are most elaborate of any cetacean. The back is dark grey black from the top of the head to the tail dipping to a V on the sides below the dorsal fin. The flanks are light grey behind the dorsal fin and yellowish forward of the dorsal fin, forming an hour glass pattern. Its belly is white. There are large dark circles around the eyes connected by a dark line that runs across the head behind the beak. A black stripe runs from the jaw to the flippers.



The gestation period of the common dolphin is 10-11 months. When born, calves measure 76-86 centimetres. Sexual maturity is reach at three to four years of age.Circum -tropical and warm temperature, but also known to occur in cooler waters.

Length up to 2.6 meters (adults) Weight : up to 135 Diet : Fish, including mackerel, pilchard and sea - bass}


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