Phocoena phocoena



The Harbour porpoise is the smallest cetacean in UK waters. They arent common in local waters but there has been sightings of them over the years. This species is notoriously shy and normally avoids approaching boats. Measuring in at approx 1.5 to 1.9 metres in length and weighing between 45 and 76kg, the Harbour porpoise has a short body and a rounded head with a blunt snout with no beak. They also have a distinctive small triangular shaped dorsal fin. The dorsal fin, flippers and tail flukes are all a darker shade of grey to black in colour, the colouration of the porpoise is variable.


Porpoises have between 60-120 teeth which have a flattened spade shape at the tip. Their diet consists of small fish including herring, sand eels, polluck, squid, mackeral and sprat.


Porpoise tooth




































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