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How can people think that the WWF is protecting animals?

STOP DONATING TO THE WWF! They don't deserve your money! Jaipur, India 1961: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (with bag) posingwith the Tiger killed by her husband Prince Philip, (far left) 1961 WWF foundation donor and President of WWF 1981-1996, supposedly dedicated to saving wildlife......The WWF is a HUNTING CLUB..has allways been and will allways be a hunting club...Hunting is incompatible with Wildlife Conservation especially if you even kill endangered species like the TIGER..the very same TIGER that they are using to raise millions and millions of Dollars, Euros Pounds and Swiss Francs!

The WWF Endorses the Killing of Wild Animals! The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gives special meaning to the word "conservation. ." The organization, founded in 1961 by a group of wealthy trophy hunters, apparently believes that conserving animals means keeping them around long enough for well-heeled "sportsmen" to blast them out of the woods, oceans, skies, plains of Africa, and jungles of Asia.. Past WWF chapter presidents include C..R.. "Pink" Gutermuth, who also served as president of the National Rifle Association, and trophy hunter Francis L.. Kellogg, who is legendary for his massive kills.. In its early days, the WWF even used fur auctions to raise funds...

Since then, the WWF has learned that most people are appalled by hunting and trapping, so today, the organization veils its true stance under phrases like "sustainable development, " arguing that killing is acceptable under some circumstances. . When answering difficult questions about its policy on hunting, trapping, and whaling, the WWF is careful never to state outright that it approves of all these activities.. But don't be fooled, the WWF's intentions are all too clear and deadly!!



WWF defends elephant hunts for conservation


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